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People with high cholesterol should not eat foods rich in cholesterol, such as animal viscera, fat meat, egg yolks, etc., and also should not eat foods rich in fatty acids, including saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids, such as various meat oils, broth, cakes, Dim sum, etc.

Patients with high cholesterol should pay attention to eating more fresh vegetables and eating fish properly. Fish contains unsaturated fat acid, which is beneficial to the body. But it is important to avoid consuming foods rich in cholesterol, such as animal offal, and to avoid consuming a large amount of egg yolk, one egg per day is sufficient. Food with high sugar content should be eaten as little as possible, because food with high sugar content can be converted into cholesterol in the body, such as drinks, Dim sum, cakes, etc., which is rich in sugar and trans fatty acids, which can further increase cholesterol and is harmful to the body.

So patients with high cholesterol should consume as much fresh vegetables or sea fish as possible to lower their cholesterol levels. For patients with very severe cholesterol levels, statins can be used to lower cholesterol levels.